Homeownership doesn’t have to come with all of the responsibilities of living in a single-family home. Condominiums serve as an alternative, combining the benefits of owning a property with the perks of renting. Providing homeowners with a comfortable space and ample amenities, condos are often more affordable than standard housing and located in the heart of high-traffic areas, The Integrity Team has an eye on communities in Oakland County with units that:

  • Require less exterior upkeep

  • Include on-site amenities

  • Are part of a larger community

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Why Choose a Condo?

More Affordable Homeownership

The cost of owning a condo is generally less expensive than a single-family home, typically because the space is smaller and the community covers grounds maintenance. 

Lower Maintenance Living

Since you won’t have a large yard or outdoor space to take care of, you’ll spend more time enjoying your space than maintaining it. Grounds and amenities are all cared for by the HOA.

Better Sense of Community

Condos are built together in multi-unit buildings, so you will have a better chance of getting to know your neighbors. Participate in community events to make lasting relationships.

Ability to Renovate

Though owning a condo seems similar to renting an apartment, you have control over the interior space. You can renovate any part of your condo, so long as it falls within any HOA guidelines.

Spotlight Communities

Peppered throughout Oakland County are communities of condominiums offering more affordable homeownership and cozy living space. The following spotlight communities have been hand-picked by The Integrity Team for their amenities and welcoming atmosphere.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

Whether you’re looking to downsize, are looking for a more affordable first home, or need a convenient space near the city, it may be time to search for a condo. Search through our current listings and contact us when you want to see a specific condo.