Homes under $400k

If you're looking for a quality starter home that won't break the bank, the perfect investment property, or thinking about downsizing, homes priced under $400,000 may be the perfect fit. In this price range, you'll find a variety of homes that offer a great value for your money. For example, you may find a home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and a large backyard. Additionally, you may find that the home is located in a desirable neighborhood close to schools and parks. When you buy a home in this price range, you'll be getting a lot of bang for your buck.

  • Perfect Starter Homes

  • Great Investment Properties

  • A Downsizers Dream

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Benefits of Buying a Home Under $400K

Tax Benefits

Purchasing a home instead of renting has tax deduction benefits.

Building Equity

Start building equity with a home priced at $400,000 or less.


Historically the value of a home increases overtime.


Investors can find great investment properties at this price point.

Spotlight Communities

Explore Neighborhoods Priced Under $400,000

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

These homes tend to appreciate at a faster rate than more expensive homes, meaning you'll build equity more quickly. These homes are often located in up-and-coming neighborhoods that offer all the amenities of more established areas but at a fraction of the cost. So if you're looking for a great deal on a new home, don't discount houses that are under $400,000. They may just be the perfect fit for you.