Homes with Pools

Few things are more inviting than crystal clear pool water on a hot summer day. Oakland County may get more than the national average of snow in the winter, but those mid-year months really make living in a home with a pool an attractive concept. Whether you’re looking for a home with ample square feet or one built on plenty of acreage, The Integrity Team will help you find a listing that already comes with a pool. Shopping for homes with pools:

  • Prevent costly future installations

  • Built-in outdoor entertainment space

  • Improves appeal for future sale

Explore Homes with Pools 


Why Choose Homes with Pools?

A Comfortable Escape

When the weather heats up in Oakland County, a swimming pool at home will be your escape for cooling off. The crystal blue waters are most inviting when the temperatures rise.

The Visual Factor

A pool can help spruce up the backyard and give your outdoor space a lavish appearance. Pool decor and outdoor furniture can really lend to a private oasis.

Increases Home Appeal

Homes with pools can appeal to a range of homebuyers, making it a more attractive listing if you ever plan on selling. 

At-Home Entertainment

Pools can provide hours of entertainment for homeowners and guests and are an essential part of barbecues and cookouts. You can turn your yard into a hosting space with a pool as the centerpiece.

Spotlight Communities

Many Oakland County communities will have homes with pools listed, so The Integrity Team narrowed the selection down to these top welcoming neighborhoods. These communities offer a variety of housing options, all with a pool conveniently included. 

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

Ready to make a splash and own a private summer escape? Start your search for a comfortable home with a pool in the backyard today. Take a look at our available homes with pools listings and contact us to schedule a tour.