Investment Properties

Sometimes, home buying isn’t about finding a forever space to live. It’s about turning real estate into profit. Whether you want to own a line of Airbnb properties, are looking to add to your current inventory of rentals, or need an office or retail space, an investment property will help get the returns you’re seeking. The Integrity Team will search available investment properties in Oakland County to find the right building to match your vision.

  • Build a profitable business

  • Flip it and Improve comps in a neighborhood

  • Open up opportunities for future investments

Explore Investment Properties


Why Choose an Investment Property?

Thinking of the Future

Investing in real estate allows you to secure several sources of equity and income for a comfortable and passive retirement plan. Investment properties can also be passed on to loved ones.

Diversify Your Portfolio 

Earn revenue from multiple streams and build a portfolio that can thrive in most markets. Spread out your risks to better balance gains and losses.

Get Protected from Inflation

Rising inflation often results in increased rental income. Purchase on a fixed-interest mortgage to guarantee payments stay low as investment property income rises. 

Take Control of Your Profits

Managing investment properties allows you to oversee your profits better than investing in the stock market or working in the private sector. 

Spotlight Communities

You’ll need to be looking in the right communities to find properties worth investing in. The Integrity Team has sourced these neighborhoods and regions, which show the biggest promise of investment properties with the potential for the best returns.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

If you have a plan to make money off of your real estate, we can help find the right investment properties. Review our current listings to find the building that suits your needs and contact us when you’re ready to tour your future.