A multifamily home can either be a quaint and more affordable way to live and keep loved ones together or an investment property that can be turned into passive income. Whatever the need for a multifamily home, Oakland County has its fair share of townhomes and duplexes. The Integrity Team has its eye on multifamily homes around town, either convenient to downtown or a little more on the outskirts. 

  • Expand your investment portfolio with multiple units

  • A place to live and a passive way to make money

  • Many tax benefits and more write-offs

Explore Multifamily Homes


Why Multifamily

Passive Income

Whether it’s two units or four, your multifamily home will provide you with a passive income in the form of rent. This money can be put toward the mortgage and additional properties. 

More and Easier Financing Options

Investing in a multifamily home opens you up to more financing options because there is a reduced risk to the bank. Having more units to rent can make finding financing even easier.

More Manageable Than Commercial Real Estate

Investing in an office space, retail location, or any other commercial property is more complicated than multifamily homes. Simplify your passive income with residential rentals.

Expandable for a Robust Portfolio

The more successful your multifamily homes are, the more you can add to your portfolio. Your portfolio can be your retirement plan, setting you up for a comfortable future.

Spotlight Communities

Finding the right spot for a multifamily home is difficult when there are so many to choose from. We’ve compiled a selection of some of the best communities with multifamily homes to help you find the right property. The Integrity Team understands the importance of having a multifamily home in the right neighborhood, and these communities should best serve your bottom line.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

Think you’ve found a multifamily home that you want to see more of? Contact The Integrity Team today to schedule a viewing. Be sure to have more than one lined up to ensure you increase your chances of finding a property to move on.