How to Respond to a Low Ball Offer

Receiving a low ball offer on your home can be disheartening, but it doesn't mean the end of the road. How you respond to such offers can significantly impact the outcome. Understanding the right approach is crucial to turning a low offer into a successful sale.

Watch as our founder, Gwen Daubenmeyer, shares expert advice on navigating low ball offers with confidence and strategy.

Handling Low Ball Offers: Stay Calm and Negotiate

This is the second installment in our series highlighting common mistakes sellers make that frustrate buyers. If you missed our first post, click here to catch up.

So, you’ve gone through the hassle of prepping your home, organizing showings, and vacating the house with your family and pets each time. Now, after days of waiting, the first offer comes in, and it's not what you hoped for. Here's how to handle it:

Take a Breath: Remember, your initial expectations might be skewed by all the effort you've put in. It's normal to feel disheartened, but stay calm.

Listen to Your Agent: You've chosen your agent for their expertise. Trust their insights and recommendations—they're here to guide you.

Keep Cool: You're in control. Evaluate the offer without letting emotions take over. If the offer is too low, make a counteroffer that aligns with your expectations. The negotiation process can lead to a satisfactory agreement.

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