Urban Life

When it’s not just about finding a comfortable space to live in but finding one a short distance from downtown, urban living should be your focus. Located a short distance from the city center and the bustle of downtown, these homes are functional and convenient. The Integrity Team will refine its search to urban housing to ensure you’re near the city to help reduce your work commute or bring you closer to the action. Opting for urban life includes:

  • Short commute to downtown area

  • Close proximity to entertainment and dining

  • Options for smaller, easy-to-maintain lot sizes

Explore Urban Life Homes


Why Choose Urban Life?

Close to the City

Living the urban life means you’re just minutes from downtown. You’ll have quicker access to a great selection of restaurants, attractions, and nightly entertainment.

Convenient Access to Public Transportation

Take advantage of public transportation more often with a home near the city. If you’re looking to live without a vehicle, urban life makes it possible.

Large Variety of Real Estate Options

Whether you’re looking for a larger home or a cozy condo, urban life comes with a more diverse selection of housing options. The Integrity Team will find you the urban space that fits your needs.

Access to More Employment Opportunities

Downtown’s mix of government buildings, entertainment spaces, and other amenities opens up more employment opportunities. With urban living, you can live closer to where you work.

Spotlight Communities

Work with The Integrity Team and we’ll be sure to find a home that fits your need for a living space near the city center. These spotlight communities are just the top picks that provide comfortable living and a short commute to Main Street Oakland County or Downtown Detroit.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

Getting tired of the long commute to the heart of Oakland County? Want to finally be close to the action of the city? Contact The Integrity Team today and we’ll set you up with a tour of one of our urban life listings.