Vacant Land

Some prospective homeowners will have an issue finding a prebuilt that fits their wants and needs. In those instances, searching for vacant land may be the best option. A plot of open land offers a variety of options, from tiny homes to properties with a lot of square footage. So long as zoning allows it, vacant land is a blank canvas for your needs. When you search for a parcel of undeveloped land, you can benefit from:

  • Different lot sizes for large and small construction

  • Freedom to build the home you want

  • Potential future investment opportunity

Explore Vacant Land


Why Choose Vacant Land?

Build Your Dream Home

Choosing a lot of vacant land over a prebuilt means you can start from scratch. Build the home of your dreams and ensure you get more of the things you want.

Potential Income Property

Empty land can be leased for a passive revenue stream. Turn your vacant space into a moneymaker and start investing in your future.

Flexible Use

So long as you stay within the property’s zoning, you can use your land as you wish. Build a home, prep it for recreational use, and so much more.

High Resale Value

Because land is so versatile and it appreciates quicker than prebuilt homes, you can sell your land at a later date for more than what you paid.

Spotlight Communities

There are undeveloped pieces of land scattered throughout Oakland County that let you use your imagination. The Integrity Team has compiled several spotlight communities that should fulfill what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a standalone piece of land or a lot with neighbors nearby, these communities have various land options.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Vacant Land?

Have an actionable plan for a vacant piece of land? Looking to secure income property or need a space to build your wanted space? The Integrity Team is available to accompany you on tours of our current listings of vacant land. Contact us today to schedule your tour and find your vacant land.