Learn Why Stepping Out Is Key to a Successful Home Sale

What stops a house from selling? According to the National Association of Realtors, the number one turnoff to buyers is when a seller is present at their showing. It's natural to want to highlight your home's upgrades and finishes, but it's crucial to step out during showings. Discover why giving buyers space can make all the difference in securing a sale as our founder, Gwen Daubenmeyer, shares expert insights in this video.


Being present during showings makes buyers uncomfortable and prevents them from connecting with your home, hindering their ability to envision themselves living there. Real estate agents are trained to highlight the features buyers are looking for, not necessarily the ones you find important. Trust your agent to do their job effectively. Allowing buyers to explore independently and discuss candidly fosters a sense of ownership and increases their likelihood of making an offer. Remember to turn off video and audio equipment to respect their privacy. Your agent will gather feedback after each showing, providing valuable insights into buyer preferences. Avoid monitoring buyers during showings, as it can create unnecessary stress and undermine potential offers. Leaving during showings benefits both sellers and buyers by facilitating a more comfortable and productive viewing experience. Contact us today for our proven home-selling strategy. Welcome to The Integrity Team.

Presence during showings inhibits buyers' ability to envision themselves in the home

Trust your agent's expertise in highlighting key features

Respect buyer privacy by turning off video and audio equipment

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