Imagine stepping back in time to 1827 when Bloomfield Township, nestled in Oakland County, Michigan, was born. It's like a journey through history! This charming suburban community has held onto its rich heritage while embracing modern comforts. With its picturesque neighborhoods, excellent schools, and the convenience of being close to lively Detroit, it's a place that feels like home. The streets are well-kept, and you'll find a variety of homes to suit your style, all while enjoying a strong sense of community. So, if you're looking for a place that blends the best of the past and the present, Bloomfield Township is where you want to be.

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Living in the Area

The Homes

Bloomfield Township offers diverse homes, from elegant houses to modern condos, set amidst picturesque streets and well-kept properties, catering to various housing preferences. Whether you desire spacious family homes or the convenience of condos, you'll find housing to fit your lifestyle in this inviting township.

The Jobs

Bloomfield Township boasts a diverse job market with opportunities in education, healthcare, retail, and more. Its esteemed school districts and healthcare facilities offer positions in education and healthcare sectors. Meanwhile, the thriving retail and dining scenes, as well as a range of businesses, provide employment options in various fields, making it a promising job market for residents.

The Schools

Bloomfield Hills High School excels academically with diverse advanced placement courses, while South Hills Middle School supports students in grades 6-8, fostering both academic and personal growth. Lone Pine Elementary School in grades K-5 emphasizes core subjects and inclusivity, reflecting the township's commitment to quality education at all levels.

The Amenities

Cranbrook House & Gardens in Bloomfield Township offers a historical experience with its Arts and Crafts-style house and gardens. The nearby Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn highlights American technological progress, while Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills offers quirky vintage arcade games and mechanical wonders for a unique and playful outing.

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